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5 Bad Habits That Cost You Money

If you have a typical American family, like me, then there are some bad habits you may not even be aware of that are costing you serious money. Here are 5 bad habits that you should break to recoup some of your household budget...


You Don’t Need A Shopping Club To Buy In Bulk

Only purchase food items when they are on sale. And, if the sale is very good, make additional trips to the grocery store during that sale week. When it comes to purchasing meat, shop at each store based on the time when items are being marked down. The key is knowing when each store marks down its meat, bakery, and dairy items.

Do Not Fall For The ’10-Day Trial’!

You've seen it... try before you buy, 10-day trial period, try it first. But there's usually a catch! It happened to me. I am telling this story because I am noticing this tactic is being used more and more online. And while many people catch the trick and demand their money back, many do not ever notice.