Use The CVS Extra Care Card To Save Big Bucks

by Andrea

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cvs-extra-care-card-rewards.gif Whether you call it a discount card, a loyalty card, or a store card, the CVS Extra Care Card can reap you generous rewards, if you use it right.

The Extra Care program allows the customer to purchase items and receive rebate coupons for later purchases printed on a receipt-like coupon. These coupons are called “Extra Bucks Rewards”.

Using store circulars, grocery coupons, and your CVS Extra Care Card, you can get items for free or at least at deep discounts on a regular basis. They work very much in the same way that store rebates work, only you do not have to wait as long to get your money back.

Instead, if you purchase the $5 bottle of Oil of Olay is on sale and use your Extra Care Card that offers a $5 rebate, then after you make your purchase you will receive a coupon for $5 that you can use at a later time.

You can even use store coupons along with the Extra Care rebate and actually make money on the purchase!

Shopping with a CVS Extra Care Card takes a bit of organization good sense. Some people are known to clean out the local CVS of one item that turns out to be free or better using the card and coupons. You will find complaints online from customers who claim to have been turned away for this reason.

Others are known to purchase $7 items because there is a $5 rebate, even though the item is of no use to them. This does not make a lot of sense. Shop wisely. While I would get a ‘free’ item to donate, I would not spend 10 cents on an item I would never use.

There is one more tip I have for you regarding the CVS Extra Care Card’s reward bucks. Keep track of them! They are quite valuable, but also easy to lose. If you misplace them, you can go online or to the local store and have them reprint unused coupons for you.

Bonus Tip: Have a lot of store loyalty cards? Now you can consolidate them into one!