Soapy Savings: How To Save Big Bucks When Buying Soap Bars

by Andrea

Cleaning And Decluttering, Personal Care Products

bright-colored-handmade-soap-by-emmapayne.jpg Due to skin allergies, I tend to purchase handmade soaps — some of which I order online, and some of which I purchase from a local soap maker.

While these soaps can be on the expensive side, they are quite worth it as they save me money on rash cremes and prescription ointments. Still, it is painful to shell out extra money for body soap you know your specialty soap is 3 times the cost of store-bought soap.

Here’s a little secret I’ve learned…


In addition to the extra expense of the specialty soap, I realized it was not lasting as long as store-bought soap did.

But a couple of years ago, I realized that I could very easily make my handmade soap last a lot longer.

Here’s how:

I gave this a bit of thought and did a little research. What I found is that my handmade freshly made soap that comes to me shrink-wrapped would always melt quite quickly. However, my store-bought soap that I purchased wrapped in paper or thin cardboard boxes always lasted a bit longer.

My conclusion: because the soap was freshly made and was wrapped in plastic, it melted immediately.

A New Course Of Action
soap-bars-by-mrmac04.JPGSo, the very next time I received a shipment of shrink-wrapped handmade soap, I unwrapped every single bar and put it in a basket. While the first bar I used melted quickly, the subsequent bars melted very slowly. In fact, the last bar in the basket lasted the longest. Therefore, the next time I mail-ordered soap, I placed a large order to my soap more time to dry and then last a lot longer.

After making this discovery, I also began unwrapping my store-purchased bar soaps and putting them in baskets. While they had previously lasted what I thought was a good amount of time, I found that letting them air out dried them more thoroughly and made them last even longer!