Creative Ways To Fold Money


Check out the incredible handiwork of Marc Sky (a.k.a. “the dollar artist”).

I’ve never seen so many cool creations made out of dollar bills!

There are lots of fun things you can do with dollar bills — including how to fold money into creative shapes and messages.

For example, here are 5 creative ways to leave a tip.

But “the Dollar Artist” takes the cake when it comes to true craftsmanship with dollar bills!

Marc Sky is the most talented money folder that I’ve ever seen.

Some of the funny money that Marc Sky has created:
puppy dogskitty catscrocodilespeacocks
frogsanteatersHarry Potterteapots
stingraysAbraham Lincolnseahorsescrabs
UFO alienssquirrelsscorpionssnakes
cuff linksbullswalrusesghosts
hipposparrotsheartsTony Soprano
kangaroosDarth VaderYodamice
Homer Simpsonelephantswhalesseagulls
ringsowlsteddy bearsangels
a paperclip containerlips of a kiss…and more!


See for yourself… Have a look at Marc Sky’s amazing folded money creations.

There’s even an iPhone app called Money Art — so you can do fun money folds when you’re out &¬†about! (NOTE: The first fold is free, additional ones are 99-cents apiece.)


Lynnette Walczak

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  • Louise

    These are cute but not something that I would give as a gift. First of all, it is only one bill and really small so it would be easy to loose I would think. I did find a website that was a much better way to go for me because I wanted to have a fun way to give money as a gift. It is . I bought the Cake Kit and it was super easy to do and only took a few minutes. With these kits you use multiple bills so it is large enough that I was able to decorate it with some leftover scrapbooking material I had laying around. My sister was so thrilled with it that she took a picture of it before unfolding it to put in her wallet for spending later. She is always showing this picture to friends and they are all hoping they get one on their next birthday!

    • Anonymous

      Of course it is not something that you can give away as a gift. It is just pure fun. I like the cufflink design. I went to see how was made but I couldn’t reproduce it even if I am an origami enthusiast.