Are You A Frugalist? A Penny Pincher? A Spender? Or A Materialist?

by Regina

Frugal Tips

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spending-money-by-Jake-WasdinThe recession has changed a lot of us and the way we are spending money. Many of us have changed for the better since we’ve had to learn new spending habits.

A recent Decitia study shows 4 types of consumers emerging from this recession. In effect, there are 4 types of spenders:

  • Pragmatic Spenders
  • Apathetic Materialists
  • Involuntary Penny-Pinchers
  • Steadfast Frugalists

Each has a different approach to spending money.

Not everyone in each group likes the new spending habits they’ve had to adopt.

So, which are you? A frugalist, a penny pincher, a spender, or a materialist?…


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