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Saving Money On DVDs

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By David

Although DVDs are gradually getting cheaper, they are still pretty expensive.

Here's how to save money on dvds.

But I still love to get my favorite movies and TV series on DVD.

One way to save money and still do this is to download them to your computer and then burn them to a DVD.

As most recent computers are made with a DVD burner, it has made this process easier.

1. First, simply download your movie/TV episodes from a reliable source (I use iTunes).

2. Then go to any electronics store and purchase DVD-R discs. If you prefer, you can also purchase DVD-RW discs if you think you may want to overwrite the DVD eventually – but these are slightly more expensive.

3. Finally, follow the process to burn a DVD for the program on your computer. And you’re done!

dvs-on-tower-public-domain.jpgEasy enough. It will probably take several discs to burn a TV series and potentially a movie, but it all depends on the amount of data the DVD discs you buy can hold. So be sure to ask a store associate if you think it’ll be an issue.

While this takes a little more work than buying the DVDs themselves, look at the cost savings:

DVR 50 pack – $25.00 = $0.50 per disc

Example: TV Series (Grey’s Anatomy Season 3)
iTunes price (entire season) – $34.99 plus $3.00 (6 discs) = $37.99
Best Buy price: $48.99
Savings: $11

Example: New Release Movie (Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End)
iTunes price to download movie: $14.99 plus $0.50 disc = $15.49
Best Buy price to purchase: Ranged from $19.99 – $29.99
Savings: At least $4.50

cd-dvd-disc.jpgExample – Older Movie (Legally Blonde)
iTunes price to download movie: $9.99 plus $0.50 disc = $10.49
Best Buy price to purchase: $12.99
Savings: $2.50

That’s almost $20 between the 3 of them! It seems you get the most cost savings for the newest movies/TV episodes, which is usually what we want anyway.

Creating the DVDs this way would even make a good gift as you can decorate the DVD cases.