Tips For Saving Money On Laundry Day

by Andrea

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dirty-laundry-basketIt’s amazing how much money can be wasted in the laundry room.

From using inefficient washing machines and dryers, to washing items that were barely worn, the costs can add up quickly.

Here are some tips you can use to save money on laundry day.

  1. Hang your clothes to dry.
    While your neighbors may frown upon you having your undies hanging from a clothes line in full view, this does not mean everything should go into the dryer. You can make space in your laundry room, garage, or attic for hanging wet clothes. Clothes hung to dry do not need as much ironing as clothes that have been left in the dryer to wrinkle. Hanging clothes also prevents ruining items like sweaters and wearing down clothes with Lycra and elastic.
  2. Replace your old top loading washer with a new front loading one.
    While this may seem like a huge upfront cost, machines from before the year 2000 are not nearly as efficient as current machines. Modern front-loading washing machines, for example, use up to 60% less water and 50% less energy than older top loading models. The large savings in your utility bills will quickly recoup the costs of a new machine.
  3. Make sure it’s dirty before you wash it.
    If something is only worn for 2 hours in the evening, I put it back on the next day, especially if I am not going to see the same people. I encourage my kids to do the same thing. We have a 2-wear rule for jeans, and we wear sweaters as many times as possible before washing them.
  4. Have a set laundry day.
    While having a washing machine in the home makes it tempting to do a few loads of laundry every day, it also encourages waste of electricity and water. Daily washing leads to incomplete loads and over-washing of items like towels that can be used more than once. Once a week washing allows clothes to be sorted for color and, therefore, each wash load is full and more efficient.

Here are lots more ways to save money on laundry, especially when it comes to using dryer sheets!