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Special Delivery: Personalized Message Beans

Personalized Message Beans. I first saw these one-of-a-kind bean sprouts in the July issue of Real Simple magazine.

I happen to think they’re the coolest thing since personalized roses!
(…yep, roses embossed with your very own message)

These personalized Message Beans say what your typical everyday flowers can’t say!

The individual Message Beans are pre-planted in adorable little cans and ready for you to give to the special people in your life.

How It Works:

Consider sending Message Beans... instead of flowers! You pick out the one you want to give to someone — based on the appropriate message.

Then, they take off the lid, and water it when it arrives.

In a week or two, the bean sprout pops up bearing a personal message from you!

Choose from…

  • Good Luck (with a four-leaf clover on the back)
  • Happy Birthday (with a musical note on the back)
  • Love (with a heart on the back)
  • Thank You (with “Thanks” in Japanese on the back)

Message Bean with 'LOVE' written on it. Message Bean with a HEART embossed on it.

Q: So, how do leafy green sprouts grow up with messages printed on them, you ask?
A: The message was laser printed directly onto the bean itself!