Auto Insurance Hacks: 5 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

by Aimee

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I love Flo on the Progressive insurance commercials, and the Geico Ice-T commercial is pretty cute too.

But where do you start when you really want to save on car insurance?

ways to save on car insurance

Car insurance is something that I’m sure you would like to save money on, but you might not know how to get the best deal from car insurance providers.

Comprehensive car insurance, for example, is quite expensive. So you might be tempted to try to save money on car insurance by purchasing just the minimum amount of coverage.

I know what it’s like to shop for the cheapest coverage thinking you’ll never really need it, but that’s highly unlikely.

The cheapest coverage levels only provide protection for third parties if an accident occurs — meaning any expenses incurred as a result of damage to you or your car will come from your own pocket.

It’s also important to know which factors are considered to determine your auto insurance rate.

Here are 5 ways to save money on car insurance:


#1 – Take A Defensive Driving Course

These courses teach you how to become a better driver by anticipating dangerous incidents and preparing for mistakes commonly made by other drivers.


Apart from the obvious benefits for your driving skills, taking a defensive driving course can also save you money on your auto insurance premium.

Many insurance companies offer discounts if you’ve taken a defensive driving course — because they know that taking the course reduces the likelihood of you being involved in an accident. It’s a win-win for both you and them!


#2 – Ask Your Employer If They Can Help

You might be surprised to find out that your employer has a deal with an insurance provider that can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your premium.

You see, many insurance companies offer corporate discounts to businesses as an incentive for their employees to sign up with them.

So it’s definitely worth inquiring about insurance deals at work.


#3 – Pay For Your Policy Up Front

I know this may feel counter-productive, but it really can save you money!

Insurance companies tend to reward customers who pay their annual premium up front.


So, if you have enough money, it will work out cheaper to pay in advance — as opposed to paying your premium in monthly installments.


#4 – Raise Your Insurance Deductible

If you feel that you’re a safe driver and unlikely to get in an accident, then raising your deductibles can save you money on your premiums.

Insurance companies are happy to offer premium discounts when you opt for higher deductibles — because they’ll have to pay out less in the event of an accident.


#5 – Shop Around

By shopping around for quotes — both online and locally — you’ll be able to get the best deal possible. Sites like Nerd Wallet are great if you want to compare car insurance rates online.

to save money on car insurance shop around

But don’t stop there. Instead of just relying on comparison sites for car insurance, call insurance providers in your area and ask them for a quote.

You’ll often find that by talking with an agent, you can negotiate a better deal than you would’ve been offered online.


To get the most bang for your buck and save some serious cash, make sure to use the above tips the next time you need to shop for car insurance.

After using these 5 tips, I chose a policy with Progressive — and it had nothing to do with Flo!


More Tips To Help You Save On Car Insurance

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