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Unlike Costco & Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club Accepts Coupons And Several Forms Of Payment

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By Andrea

bjs-wholesale-club-shopping-carts-by-dandeluca.jpg BJ’s Wholesale Club is not quite as popular as Sam’s Club and Costco (mostly because they aren’t in as many areas), but they are still a formidable competitor.

Founded in 1996, BJs currently has over 170 clubs in the eastern United States and more than 21,000 employees.

BJ’s sells produce, meat, seafood, baked goods, diary, flowers, clothes, books, software, electronics, jewelry, and furniture. While created for business owners, BJ’s also caters to everyday people like you and me.

It’s like Costco without the crowds!  — Source



BJ’s Club Membership Levels

BJ’s has several different options when it comes to membership packages. Here are the main 4:

  • Inner Circle Membership that allows for 12 months shopping in the warehouse, extra cards for family members residing at the same address, up to 3 supplemental membership cards, and online shopping.  The cost is $45.
  • Rewards Membership includes all Inner Circle perks plus an automobile buying service, vacation shopping discounts, Brinks home security discount, and access to member care representatives.  The cost is $80.
  • Business Membership is $45 and includes one free supplemental card, up to 8 paid additional cards, online shopping, tax-exempt purchases, and resale privileges. There are also auto buying services, auto and home insurance, warranties, and more.
  • Business Rewards Membership costs $80 and adds a 2% payback bonus, a personal vehicle shopper, a personal vacation shopper, a Brinks home security discount, and dedicated member care reps.


There is also a Fuel Your Fundraiser special program and Corporate Membership for $45 each.


Other BJs Wholesale Club Perks

In addition to printing their own coupon book on a bi-monthly basis, BJ’s is the only wholesale club to accept manufacturer coupons.

BJs accepts more forms of payment than the other warehouse clubs (including Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express).  And they were the first wholesale club to accept food stamps.

BJ’s wholesale club allows members to add additional household members at no additional cost and supplemental members for just $20 each.


What It’s Like To Work At BJ’s Wholesale Club

I actually worked for BJ’s wholesale club in college, back when $5 an hour was excellent pay.  (You could only get $3.35 elsewhere.)  They have managed to continue to pay decent salaries, with the average cashier making $7.36 an hour.  The average salary at BJ’s is $45,000.

In my experience, BJ’s is the lowest frills of all of the warehouse clubs to work for.  They strive to keep costs low, and while employees were not always happy, customers rarely complained.  As an employee, the things I found most unpleasant were the rewards and rallies every morning.  I found them rather fake and condescending to the employees.


In The End, Everyone Is Happy

You cannot deny the fact that BJ’s focuses on keeping the prices as low as possible for their customers.

While Costco and Sam’s Club both offer great discounts for small business owners and individuals, if you’re looking to truly pinch pennies for your family, then you should consider BJ’s Wholesale Club first.

Unfortunately, there is not a BJ’s in my area, but their online store is available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Check here to see if there’s a BJ’s Wholesale Club near you.