Kevin Bacon Puts ‘Six Degrees’ To Good Use… A Way To Help Charities

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What comes around goes around… even in the world of donations.

Kevin Bacon has put his “Six Degrees of Separation” to good use in a very charitable way.

And you can get involved, too.

…It’s fun!!!

I heard Kevin Bacon talk about this on a TV show recently. He was asked how he felt about the whole “six degrees” thing, in general.

The gist of what he said was: It’s kind of a strange phenomenon, even though he knows it’s all in fun. But it got him thinking… ‘How can I make some good come out of this whole six degrees scenario?’

Hence, he created which allows everyone to be a celebrity for their own cause.

Here’s a video of Kevin explaining how Six Degrees came about:


So, if you’re feeling generous. Looking for a charity to support. Or maybe a particular charity is near and dear to your heart, and you’d like to encourage others to donate to it… here’s your chance! Check out!

…Kevin Bacon makes you the celebrity in Six Degrees of Separation.

And now for the videos that started it all. From the movie Footloose:


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