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Wondering if the Craftsman lifetime warranty is still good since Sears sold Craftsman tools? Here's what's happening with the Craftsman warranty & how it affects you

Do you use apps to save money? Me too. How about using shopping apps that make you money? These are the best money making apps you can download for free on your phone.

Have you saved money yet by using reusable shopping bags? If not, you should be! Reusable bags are better for the environment, easy to find, and come in all shapes and sizes.

Having lots of loyalty cards gets messy! Here's how to keep track of every rewards card you have, while only carrying ONE thing everywhere you go. It's FREE & works for me!

Costco prices are slightly lower on many of the items that Sam's Club also sells. But Sams Wholesale Club typically has 2-3 brands per item, not just 1. Here are all the reasons I prefer Sam's Wholesale Club over Costco.

We didn't renew our Sam's Club membership. Now we're Costco members. Sams vs Costco - which is better? Our review + Secret tips for saving money at Costco!

How much car insurance coverage do you really need? How much comparison shopping should you do? Here are the tips I've used to save on car insurance.


In my own personal quest for figuring out the best way to find gifts for the holidays, I came up with a few non-traditional holiday shopping tips. Enjoy!

Furniture recycling isn't a new concept but "furniture upcycling" is. Interested in saving money like me by buying recycled furniture? Start upcycling!