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Banking Issues

Before storing valuables in a bank lockbox or safety deposit box, read this! 10 pros & cons of safe deposit boxes + What you should and shouldn't keep there

Do you have old gift cards in your wallet? See what happens to those cards if the retailer goes out of business + Helpful tips before you buy gift cards or use old ones.

Having trouble saving for vacation? I've got 5 easy ways to start a vacation savings account - at home. Simple and fun vacation fund jar ideas to try!

Dreaming about your first house? Here's how to save money for a house. If I can do it, you can too! My best tips & clever ideas to try when saving for a house.

If there's free money with my name on it somewhere, I want to know about it. Don't you? Find out how to get any money you're owed - it's easier than you think!

A prepaid credit card is a safer way to shop, travel oversees & teach your teens about finances. Plus you can save a lot of money using prepaid credit cards

Do you think that pawnshops only sell stolen items, carry mostly junk, and they're typically unmonitored by police? Wrong! Everything you need to know about selling to a pawnshop.

I am personally involved in a case right now where my credit card info and personal data were stolen and now my information resides in the hands of 'bad people'. Yes, it's scary.