Personalized Sharpie Markers Are FUN!

by Lynnette

Personalize Things, Tips For Small Business Owners

Check it out… You can get Sharpie markers in a variety of different colors with your own personalized message on them!



I think this is a cool business move, especially if you’re working in a field where things are frequently autographed, or organized, or otherwise written upon with permanent markers.

Even if you don’t work in a field where you use permanent markers a lot, there are dozens of times when only permanent markers will do for us Average Joe’s as well.

Here are some ideas & reasons you might want to splurge on a couple of personalized Sharpie pens… (besides the fact that IT’S FUN!!!)

First, you’re probably wondering just how much these personalized markers from Sharpie cost.

  • $11.99 for 6 fine-point Sharpies
  • $21.99 for 12 Sharpies
  • and the prices go up from there 

I don’t think that’s too crazy expensive on something that’s just for fun. And if they’re a business write-off, then by all means these personalized Sharpies are a must-have!


Fun Uses For Personalized Sharpies

red-sharpie.jpg Writing on labels when you’re packing for a move

green-sharpie.jpg Addressing boxes and envelopes prior to mailing (especially, if you ship a lot via eBay)

blue-sharpie.jpg Labeling items you’re storing and organizing throughout the house

orange-sharpie.jpg Taking to concerts and shows where you might be obtaining autographs

teal-sharpie.jpg Giving them as gifts to others — with a saying or phrase that the person would appreciate (give ’em all to the same person, or split them up and give one to 6 different people)

pink-sharpie.jpg Using them anywhere else that you might want to remind yourself of a fun quote or or message, while you’re writing

green-sharpie.jpg As well as times you would be thrilled if others read the message on your personalized Sharpies


Experiment with different messages on your own personalized Sharpies now!